Masculinizing Hormone Therapy

Testosterone Treatments

Foria provides expert gender-affirming care and makes it easy to get a testosterone treatment plan that’s built around your needs and goals.

Testosterone Masculinizing Hormone Therapy

How it works

Getting started with Foria


Book consult   

Start and complete your intake. We'll reach out with booking options as soon as new availabilities open for our testosterone program.


Meet virtually

You and your Foria clinician will develop a personalized treatment plan that fits your goals and your gender & medical history.


Start testosterone

If eligible, start administrating testosterone in its form that best suits you, whether by injection or topical gel.


Stabilize treatment

Manage any unwanted secondary effects (such as hair loss or acne) and make dosage adjustments for the long-term.

New patients

Starting testosterone

There are three separate appointment types to complete in order to get you started on testosterone hormone therapy.

Initial consultation

This consult will be used to review your gender and medical history, and understand your goals, expectations, and eligibility for hormone therapy.

What's included

  • 45 min virtual consult

  • Gender & medical history review

  • Discussing goals & expectations

  • Lab & blood work


Book initial consult

15 days after initial consult

Hormone initiation


In your second consult, you will choose a testosterone administration type, review your sexual health, and discuss the risks & benefits of your personalized treatment.

What's included

  • 45 min virtual consult

  • Review of lab results

  • Testosterone prescription (if eligible)

3 months after initiation

Medication check-in


Review your dosage with the clinician to determine if any adjustments are required.

Your Foria clinician may recommend you to book more than one titration follow-up.

What's included

  • 20 min virtual consult

  • Side effects review

  • Prescription adjustment

Transfer patients

Already on testosterone

For individuals already established on gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) from another medical clinic.

Transferring in

Continue or restart your HT treatment with the expert team at Foria.

What's included

  • 45 min virtual consult

  • Gender & medical history review

  • Discussing goals & expectations

  • Lab & bloodwork (if needed)


Book transfer-in consult

Existing Foria patients

Additional services

For individuals that have completed an intake with Foria. These additional services are on a as-needed basis.



Meet with your Foria clinician to discuss your current hormone therapy and any potential changes that could improve your treatment.

What's included

  • 20 min virtual consult

  • Prescription renewals & adjustments

Gender marker change


Foria will support you in having your gender marker officially changed in your identification and documentation.

This service does not require an appointment.

What's included

  • Marker change letter signed in ink

Included in all services

Ensuring your health and wellness

Our expert team focuses on the details to support healthy and safe gender-affirming care.

Medical history review

A complete review of your medical history to identify the safest, most effective treatment for you.

Health monitoring

Ongoing review of your vitals, including blood work, to ensure your good health throughout your gender-affirming treatment.

Sexual & reproductive health

Ongoing check-ins on sexual health, fertility, contraception, screening and treatment for sexually-transmitted infections (STIs).

Secondary effects management

Support & access to medication to reduce any unwanted effects that may be caused from treatment, such as hair loss, acne or libido changes.

Testosterone FAQ

For additional information and a complete list of questions & answers regarding Foria and our services, please visit our FAQs page.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone (which some people call “T”) is a drug used in gender-affirming care. T produces changes to your body that can help reflect your gender identity. These include a deeper voice, facial hair, and more muscle mass. It also has psychological effects - it can change your sex drive and mood.

Who is testosterone HT for?

Testosterone is a hormone that’s taken by people who want to have masculinizing effects, and can also be taken by intersex people. 

What are the effects and timelines for testosterone HT?

For detailed information about the effects and timelines of testosterone HT, please visit our Testosterone resource page.

Do I require an up to date lab tests to receive a testosterone prescription?

Yes, up-to-date lab tests are required before receiving a testosterone prescription. These tests help your clinician assess your current hormone levels and other health indicators, which are essential for determining the appropriate dosage and monitoring for potential side effects. Your healthcare provider at Foria Clinic will guide you through the necessary steps and explain the importance of lab tests in managing your hormone therapy safely and effectively.

How can I take testosterone?

Testosterone can be administered in several ways, including injections and topical gels. Injections can be delivered into the muscle or subcutaneously. They're taken every one to two weeks. Topicals are applied directly to the skin once per day. The method of administration that is best for you will depend on various factors including your health, lifestyle, and preferences, and should be determined in consultation with your Foria clinician.

Can I microdose testosterone?

Testosterone can be given in a range of doses. How each person responds to their dose will depend on their genetics and their response to the treatment. If you would prefer to try a lower dose, you can review this option with your clinician. Changes may be slower at low doses, but testosterone effects may be the same.

Are the effects permanent?

Some changes from T, like your mood or body composition, are temporary. This means that if you stop treatment they will eventually reverse.

Other changes like facial hair, bottom growth and a deeper voice are permanent. This means you can stop treatment and they will remain.

Some people choose to stop T after reaching permanent changes that they’re happy with, while others will continue for the rest of their lives. You can decide whatever works best for you and your body – and remember, you can adjust your treatment at any time.

Note: If you have had your ovaries surgically removed, then going off hormones is not recommended.