About Foria

Gender-affirming care, made for you.

We’re committed to improving healthcare equity and access to trans, non-binary, and gender diverse folks.


Shaping every interaction


We are anti-oppression and understand the negative clinical experiences our patients may have had in the past. We prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing in all interactions.


Our virtual clinic model allows us to connect patients to gender-affirming care in the safest, most accessible way. We will continuously be working on improving access to our care.


We welcome a diverse range of patients with unique experiences and journeys. Foria clinicians aim to create spaces where it feels safe to share your story with us.


Our patients are the experts on their lives and we, their clinical partners. No decision is ever made without your involvement. We are a team.

Clinical team

Experts you can trust

Foria’s team is made up of medical professionals with lived experience as LGBTQ2S+ people and expertise in gender-affirming care.

Dr. Kate Greenaway

Medical Director・She/Her

Dr. Greenaway has 20 years of experience providing comprehensive care to trans and non-binary individuals.

Dr. Greenaway previously founded Connect-Clinic, a virtual service providing gender-affirming care. She now works with Foria to help more people receive the affirming care they need.

Dr. Emma Gibbons


Dr. Gibbons is a family physician who specializes in LGBTQ2S+ health, addictions and the health of marginalized communities. She is determined to make gender-affirming care more accessible in Alberta.

Dr. Caley Shukalek

Chief Medical Officer・He/Him

Caley is passionate about evidence-based, patient-centred care, including telemedicine that can provide high quality care from wherever a patient may choose.

He holds a master's of public health from Johns Hopkins University, an MD from the University of Calgary and an MSc from the University of Alberta.

Grant Picarillo

Nurse Practitioner・He/Him

Grant is passionate about LGBTQ2S+ health, HIV prevention and treatment, and gender-affirming care.

He holds a master's degree in public health policy from Harvard University and a doctorate in primary care nursing from Columbia University.

Andrew Sharpe

Nurse Practitioner・He/Him

Andrew is a strong advocate for LGBTQ2S+ health. He has a specialty practice in transgender and non-binary medicine, providing gender-affirming care.

Andrew has a degree in pharmacology, a master's degree in nursing and an advanced certificate in primary health care - NP.

Mason Flatla

Registered Psychotherapist・He/Him

Mason believes that the most meaningful therapy is grounded in relationships of trust, compassion, authenticity, and collaboration.

Mason doesn't shy away from using the power of humour (including cheesy jokes!) and also draws from his lived experience as a transgender person.

Dil Pieris

Operations Lead・They/Them

Dil managed care delivery at Connect-Clinic and is honoured to be able to continue to serve trans and gender diverse folx at Foria.

They have a health studies and psychology degree and a graduate certificate in addiction and mental health.

Community Advisory Committee

People like you

Foria’s community advisory committee are trans, non-binary and gender-diverse people in Ontario who represent the diversity of your community.



Alistaire loves space, rainbows, and sci-fi (especially X-Files). They are passionate about helping people, animals, and the environment.



Patrice is an AMAB transfeminine person who spends their free time playing video games, watching competitive reality tv shows, and supporting queer youth.



Jai has an Honours degree in Social Service Work, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social and Community Development. He’s also an avid gamer, both video and table top, and loves a good night singing karaoke.



Ezio is a bear of all trades, master of few, and also a huge nerd. He loves all things DnD, and is a doll collector as well! 



Ellis is an autistic Hozier lover with a really big interest in gaming. He plays Borderlands and Overwatch, and loves all things fantasy. 



Xiaobing is a gamer and 2D and 3D artist. Isekai, Xianxia, female protagonist manga, and Manhu/wa are her jams.



Eve is a trans woman who is very interested in all things STEM and art. She plays the piano, draws, does advanced math, learns about medicine, makes websites and games, dabbles with machine learning and physics, and meditates a lot.



Lindsay has spent her career supporting and encouraging the growth and development of others. She is an advocate of perpetual learning and knowledge sharing. Lindsay is a proud mom of two sons. 

Our other brands

Building the future of healthcare

Foria is a service by PurposeMed, provider of virtual healthcare to thousands of Canadians. We believe in making care for complex health challenges accessible to all.

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Affirming and evidence-driven sexual healthcare, without the judgment or the waiting rooms.

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Frida ADHD Clinic

Adult ADHD care in days, not months

An ADHD diagnosis or treatment plan for adults typically takes many months and can cost thousands of dollars. Frida is changing that.

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We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our clinic, our services, and gender-affirming care.

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